Right Faring Details

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Honda VFR750 InterceptorRear view of the front panel and engine tray.
Honda VFR750 InterceptorGravel colleced in the bottom tray. Note how the red plastic part fits to the sides of the bottom tray.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorBottom tray details.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorBottom tray details.
Honda VFR750 InterceptorVFR fairing mounting bolt.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorThis is the bracket that the mounting bolt goes in. Sadly, that mounting brack is not well positioned to be replace with a frame slider. Dang.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorThe gap between the lower and upper fairing, left side.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorDitto.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorI'm showing this as a comparison to the right side.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorThe short phillips screwdriver (from Sears) is really handy for the faring connectors in tight spots. This is behind the front wheel.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorHow the center and lower fairing sections fit. It takes some fiddling to get these back together, and the little tabs inside are delicate. I broke one off.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorLower fairing meets the bottom tray (engine tray) and the center lower section (which is losing its paint.)

Honda VFR750 InterceptorUse a hex wrench on the larger fairing screws.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorFront of the engine, inside the fairing.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorFront engine stuff.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorRadiator, and the front of the VFR engine.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorThese are the little tabs I broke off getting the lower fairing to fit. I swear I didn't force it.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorFairing tools. I don't know if I really needed the right angle ratchet screwdriver.