Right Side Mechanicals

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Honda VFR750 InterceptorThe engine, radiator, coolant (antifreeze) reservoir, and spark plugs are behind the lower fairing. Honda says that you have to loosen the radiator mounts and move the radiator a little bit to get to the spark plugs, especially the left plug. No surprise.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorLooks pretty good for 34,000 miles.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorCooling fan.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorFuel line?

Honda VFR750 InterceptorThat might be one of the fuel lines.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorThere's a radiator hose in the background, I think.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorRight side of the '95 Honda VFR engine.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorTransmission cover. It kind of looks new to me.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorHonda VFR radiator coolant reservoir tank mount, with engine in the background.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorPipes on the front of the VFR engine.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorInterceptor radiator.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorRight VFR radiator hose.

Mounting bracket on the right side of the VFR.

Honda VFR750 InterceptorA full view of the coolant tank (reservoir) on the '95 VFR Inteceptor.