Front Suspension

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A close up of my top adjuster installed. Note that you can still see the alignment mark on the left side of the torsion tube. My welds are ok. I practiced by continuous bead welding the shock towers. Very good practice. This was done with a $99 115V AC welder, set at about 60 amps with 5/64 welding rod. My welding on the lower adjuster is better.

A guy at a northern Virginia custom shop suggested welding an angle iron section to the back of the torsion tube before making the cut. I didn't do that. The tube ends did spring a little, but I just squeezed everything back into line with wide jaw Vise-Grips. Worked just fine. Align things, then tack weld. Remove the Vice-Grips, and finish the welds. For extra strength (i.e. racing) you would want to weld some angle iron to the back of the tube for reinforcement. You would also add gussets elsewhere. My Baja will be just mild off road, so I'm not too worried.

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