Oil Pump and Filter

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Here is a closer shot. A little dark. Very dark. What we see is a ratchet wrench on the #3 spark plug. I can reach it with the oil filter in place, but it is tight. Clearly, it would make sense to change the filter and plugs at the same time. I've considered other locations, and will almost certainly move the filter when I do the Baja conversion.

Oil pressure is at least as good as with the somewhat worn stock oil pump and no filter. Thank heavens. I have the pressure sender mounted in the stock location, which is downstream from the filter. I get around 60 psi cold, with 10W 40 oil, and around 8 or 9 psi hot, with the idle at about 1000 rpm. Any idle speed much lower, and my pressure drops below the dreaded 7 psi minimum.

Considering what CB Performance didn't tell me about temperature senders (or what they don't know about temperature senders), I'm wondering what they aren't telling about the oil pumps.

Special tools: oil pump puller, pulley puller, sheet metal tools.

Parts: hose clamps, grommets, longer screws or longer studs, spacers, Loctite.

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