Rear Spring Plates

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This is a key photo. The arrow points to the spring plate stop. Note that I've cut about a1/2 inch notch in the spring plate. This allows the wider SAW spring plates to go onto the stop with only a minimal fight. See how tight the clearance is at the top of the plate? That big think with 3 holes and two dents is the spring plate mount on the IRS trailing arm. If there is no notch in the spring plate, it is REALLY difficult to get the spring plate behind the trailing arm mount.

The SAW spring plate has plenty of adjustment to max out the axle/CV joint angle on a stock Bug. I set the SAW plate on the torsion bar just as you would with a normal spring plate. I set it for about the right height, and it turns out that I'm not using the adjusting screw at all. I think the adjustment was about 3 splines backward on the inner end of the torsion bar, and then the spring plate set two spline down on the outer end. It took me a few tries to figure this out.

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