Tom's Baja: Heater Blower

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A guy at Action Import suggested a boat bilge blower. I asked my Dad about that. He says that bilge blowers are generally kind of noisy, and not all that inexpensive. A late model Bug or Bus blower would be less expensive (probably), and you can pick one up at the next VW show.

This is a bad place to put a heater blower fan.

I got a used late model Bus blower fan from a fellow VW enthusiast. I installed that inside the car on the firewall. I cut a hole through the firewall for the 1 1/2 ID heater tubing (actually carburettor pre-heater tubing). I ran the tubing around the back (back is back of the car) of the engine compartment, over to the driver side heat exchanger. I still haven't figured a reliable way to keep it out of the fan belt, but it's ok for the moment. I've already plugged the floor heater vent, and one of the dinky defroster tubes. Now all the air comes out the side and middle defroster vents. I wired up 14 ga. wire and a switch for the fan. Luckily, I ran an extra wire when I ran a wire bundle from the trunk (front) to the engine compartment.

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