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New Beetle tail light bulbsThese are brief instructions on changing the tail light bulbs in the Volkswagen New Beetle. The only special tool that seems to be required is a butter knife. I would caution you to be careful removing and replacing the tail light assembly. I'm not impressed with how VW designed this part. It seems like if the assembly isn't installed properly, rain might leak into the car.

In this photo I've got my finger on the access panel inside the rear of the New Beetle. There is a panel like this on each side of the car.

(Legalese: This site is not associated with or endorsed by Volkswagen corporation in any way. Product names and trademarks are the properties of their owners. Tom (me) is just a guy, and not affiliated with VW in any way.)
New Beetle tail light bulbsWith the panel cover off, remove the large plastic nut. Don't drop the nut. If you drop it, you have to reach around inside this section of the car, and it's tricky.
New Beetle tail light bulbsThis is the nut.
New Beetle tail light bulbsThis is the approximate position of the butter knife or other slim pry bar. I think it is necessary to put the knive between the lens and the rubber gasket. Press the spring clip back, and gently pry on the lense. This is the left tail light, and the spring clips are on the inner (right) in this photo. This does not take much force.
New Beetle tail light bulbsHere we see how the tail light assembly looks, with the butter knife pushing on the retaining clip.
New Beetle tail light bulbsMy fingers are on the two retaining clips. These spring clips hold the assembly in the car. The bolt and nut are just an extra safety measure.
New Beetle tail light bulbsThe bulb holders are bayonette mounts. This is the normal position.
New Beetle tail light bulbsRotate counter clockwise about 1/8 turn to release the bulb holder. It should then easily come out of the assembly.
New Beetle tail light bulbsHere is the bulb holder half way out.
New Beetle tail light bulbsThe bulbs are bayonette mounted in the holder. Push the bulb (gently) and rotate counter clockwise to remove.

Don't break the bulb's glass. If you want to be safe, wear a glove.
New Beetle tail light bulbsAnother view of the inner side of the tail light assembly.
New Beetle tail light bulbsInstall the tail light assembly. Hook the tabs first, then press in until the clips lock in place. Keep the gasket in place. Be gentle.
New Beetle tail light bulbsI kind of worked it into place. Wiggle and press. There are tabs (or hooks) opposite the spring clips.