How to replace the Golf battery
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2000 Golf negative terminal You may want to have a "settings saver" on hand before replacing the battery. On some cars if the power is completely lost you will have to re-enter the radio security code. The "settings saver" is a small 12V battery that is connected in parallel with your battery before and during the replacement to insure that items such as the radio and alarm system have continuous current.

On the 2000 Golf pictured here this was not an issue.

I removed the battery top cover before taking these photos. It snapped up, and then I just snapped it off its hinges.

This image is the negative terminal. Alway remove the negative first, and put it back on last.

Click any of these images for a larger view.
2000 Golf positive terminal The positive terminal is also simple. Loosen the clamp bolt (lower left) and wiggle the terminal gently until it comes loose.
connector block latch There is a connector block above the battery. It has a plastic tab and a hinge. I unsnapped this and then removed the bolts. It looked to me like the battery cannot be removed with this connector block in place. I did not remove any wires or connections, however, I did have to remove bolts as you'll see in the next photos.

connector block bolt This is the left side (same as the negative terminal, US driver side) bolt holding the connector block. This may also be holding down the battery box. I used a long extension and removed this bolt. The bolt head is green-ish colored in thes photo.

I am not certain that the connector block assembly must be removed. Perhaps you should remove the battery cover bolt in front of the battery and try to remove the cover with the connector block in place.

I have enough socket wrench extensions, etc. that removing the connector block was not a problem. In any case, the assembly is only moved a little in order to allow the cover and battery some slack room.

right connector block bolt This is the right side (same as the positive terminal, US passgenger side) connector block bolt. In the foreground notice the pin where the battery cover lid was hinged.

battery cover and clamp bolts These are the bolts in front of the battery. The small bold on the left of the photo (right side of the car since this photo is taken from the front) is holding the battery cover. The larger and somewhat obscured bolt is holding the actual battery clamp. The battery cover must be removed (as far as I can tell) to reach the clamp bolt.