Tom's BMW R850R: Defective Fuel Pump Connector

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The actual broken connector is on the upper left. I've turned the connector so that the face shown in the following photomicrographs is up (although rotated counter-clockwise about 90 degrees). The details here are much easier to see in the larger image. There are three brass connectors with copper wires soldered on to them. All three wires originally had insulation, and the entire collection of connectors was sealed inside a white plastic connector.

My guess is that the broken connector was bent and half-broken at the factory before being sealed in plastic. The plastic held the partially-broken connector nearly immobilized for 15 years, which I guess isn't too bad. Heat and cooling cycles eventually completed the break, and my fuel pump stopped working. This manifested as an intermittent fuel pump malfunction when the bike was warmed up.

Broken BMW motorcycle fuel pump connector and associated parts

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