Golf Mk2 Door

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1989 Golf door panel removal and vapor barrier replacement.
These photos show the process of getting the door panel off without damaging it, and then replacing the vapor barrier. The so-called vapor barrier is really a curtain/seal that keeps water out of the car. The water runs down the barrier, and drains out the bottom of the door. The drains are outside the door seal, so the water runs out of the car, not in. In fact, even if the door seal were bad, the water will run out, as long as the 'vapor barrier' is good. Therefore, the vapor barrier at least as important to a dry car as the door seal. The door seal will keep water from the roof/gutters/top of the door out of the car.

In the photo to the left, I'm pulling the door opening lever, and sliding the trim towards the rear of the car. The trim piece lifts off.

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