Ford F-250 Window Adjustment
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These images are from a 1988 F-250 Custom, standard cab. The design is probably the same for 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996.

You'll have to remove the door panel upper section, which on my truck is about the upper 2/3. The lower section can stay on the door. The upper section has a couple of screws. One is at the upper corner next to the hinge. Another is in the handle. You'll have to remove the window handle. Pull back the plastic cover as shown below, then remove the screw. I think it was a Torx screw. There is a washer behind the handle. In this image I've already removed the door trim, show this is just to show the plastic cover on the handle. The tricky part of the door panel removal is in the next image.
plastic door anchor The panel is held on by a few plastic anchors. I didn't count. If you pry them out wrong, the head of the anchor will tear out of the panel. Use a thin, steel blade with a fork. You can make a panel tool by cutting a 3/8 inch slot about 2 inches deep in a 2 or 3 inch wide putty knife. Smooth off all sharp edges. you want to pry on both sides of each anchor. I have always done it with a narrow putty knife, and I usually damage my door panels. Next time I'll take my own advice and fabricate a special panel pry tool.

After the anchors are out, tilt the panel up from the bottom, and gently remove the top where the window wiper/gasket is.

door track mounting bolt This job started when my passenger window fell out of the track and into the door. The problem is that the track wears. The front track is attached to the wing/vent and can't be adjusted. The rear can be adjusted, but the factory adjusting slot is too short. Below the bolt is in the adjusting hole. Remove that bolt, and gently hold the window track mount away from the door while you use a tool like the Dremel cutoff wheel to enlarge the bolt hole. Make the hole a longer horizontal (side to side) slot. Cut the hole larger towards the front of the truck so that you can adjust the track tighter against the window.
window track adjusting bolt Another view of the door track bolt. Notice that the bolt is in a hole that is a slot, and the bolt is towards the front of the slot. The Dremel is here just to show what kind of cutoff wheel I used. Of course, to enlarge the slot, the bolt has to be removed.
window track from inside the door Looking down inside the door, here we see the rear track for the window. That S shaped bracket is the track mounting bracket, and you can see the bolt in it. Adjust the track towards the front of the truck so that the track is tighter against the window.

Gently raise and lower the window several times to make sure that the window won't fall out, and is not too tight or too loose.
window track and door latch The rear window track and door latch. While I have the door panel off I spray some WD40 and lithium grease on the door latch and lock mechanism.
window regulator gear with grease Also while you have the door panel off, put some grease on the window regulator gear. These things often dry out, and they will wear. Grease the mechanism now, and you'll won't have to open the door up for another decade.