KLR650 Photos and Review

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The handlebar position is good. The long seat allows lots of different seating positions. My legs never felt cramped.

The KLR650 has great power, and loads of torque. The engine doesn't vibrate much until about 3500 rpm, so around town it is pretty smooth.

I got about 43 mpg in short trips around down. The fuel tank is enormous. I think I finally hit the reserve at 250 miles, and that's all in-town driving.

People often complain about the turn signal switch. It isn't a problem. The switch does not push to cancel, but instead it is a rocker. You can feel if the ends of the rocker are flush. If they are, then the signals are off. The switch is big enough that this rocker idea works well with Summer weight gloves. It might be a little tricky with heavy Winter gloves.

The mirrors vibrate at almost all speeds. 35 mph and below they are ok. At 45 mph and above, it is all just a blur. There is an anti-vibration mirror mount, and that would probably help.