KLR650 Photos and Review

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I had two issues with the KLR. It was a little too tall for me. This wasn't a big issue, but I could only put my toes down. Given the seat height and my inseam, it was better to toe down only on one side. If I kept my right foot on the footpeg, I could slide left a little and get my left foot flat on the ground.

The seat was the second problem. For just riding it was ok. However, there was a male-specific problem. Skip to the next paragraph if you don't like reading about anatomy. The KLR seat slopes forward. I'm a boxer-shorts kind of guy, so maybe guys who wear briefs would be spared my problem. Every time I pulled up to a stop and slid sideways, my testicles got flattened by the seat. No amount of jiggling would get them back to a comfortable position. This was uncomfortable, but not really painful.

This anatomical issue was only a problem in stop-and-go traffic. On the road, things were fine. Perhaps a better shaped seat would have helped. Almost certainly the lowering kit would have made things better. Another factor may be that the seat is soft, but there are times when sinking into a soft seat is not good.