KLR650 Photos and Review

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The footpeg height is good. The bike is comfortable once I was on it.

The ground clearance is great, and the bike comes with a skid plate under the engine. I really wish I'd had a chance to get the bike off-road. I bought the bike expecting to go off road occasionally, but it never happened.

I did drop the KLR one time. The choke cable wasn't releasing, and since it took two hands to turn the choke off, I turned if off before the engine was fully warm. Coming out of my parking space is a tight turn, slightly sloped. I gunned the engine and banked out of my space as usual, but the cold engine died. The bike when down instantly.

Without the side cases the KLR650 lays almost flat on the ground. My right foot was pretty bruised, and the bike was laying sort of down hill. I gave one good heave with my back to the seat as recommended for picking up a bike. I couldn't get it all the way up. I wasn't thrilled with the prospect of dragging the bike 180 degrees so it was facing uphill. Two kind bystanders offered to help me pick up the bike. The three of us got it upright easily (although I forgot to put the side stand down so I had to balance it while I walked around the bike). The brake lever snapped. The replacement was only $12. KLR parts are affordable.

That night I lubricated the choke cable. It was kind of tricky to get oil on the lower part of the cable casing, but that cured the choke release problem.

I wouldn't call the KLR cold-blooded, but it does need a little choke for a minute or two after starting.