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Early Italian Purple: This early softneck garlic is one of the most popular varieties grown, producing big solid heads with whitish purple skin and many small cloves. It has an excellent flavor, is well adapted to summer heat, and is an exceptionally long keeper.

Musik: This hardneck garlic matures late in the season, producing very large heads with 4-6 buff colored cloves with red highlights. It peels easily and has a hot and pungent flavor and memorable bite. It is not a long keeper. Musik sends up a flower stalk that coils as it grows, creating an ornamental accent. To encourage the fullest bulb development, however, remove the flower stalk when it begins to curl.

Silver Rose: This late-maturing softneck garlic produces rose-colored cloves with bright white skin. It is popular in the Mediterranean region as well as in the American south and west. It is the very best variety for making garlic braids.

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