Adjustable Rear Spring Plates

I've just finished adding Sway-A-Way adjustable spring plates. Not too bad now that I know how to do it. The Sway-A-Way instructions were really pretty poor. IRS installations have some tricky aspects. The Sway-A-Way spring plates came with urethane bushings which started squeeking 2 weeks after the install.

These upgrades are planned.

  • Front disk brakes.
  • New brake hoses all around.
  • Wheels.
  • Tires.
  • Shocks.



For the Baja conversion I'll need new wheels and tires. I have this idea to put that long kind of furry plastic mist guard stuff in the wheel wells (it's that stuff you see on all the UPS tractor trailer trucks).


Ball Joints and Front Adjusters

A bear of a job. I needed new ball joints, and decided to put in the front adjusters since this car will be a Baja Bug.

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