My Baja project is sort of stalled. Here are photos of the state of my Bug since about summer of 2001.

A nice wide angle shot. The zebra stripe aren't done yet, but look nice. The headlight buckets started rusting within weeks of being installed. Crappy BugPack parts. The fiberglass fenders and hood are unpainted. That the horn on the left side of the front bumper (right side in the image). The hood hold downs are very poor quality (also BugPack). One has already decayed. I got some nice ones at the local Tractor/Farm supply for about $10, but I haven't had time to install them. (click image for enlarged view)
VW Golf seats make a HUGE difference in comfort. The passenger seat has aftermarket seat rails from Latest Rage. Very nice product priced around $75 for the pair of seat rails. I haven't gotten around to installing the new seat rail for the driver's seat (my original attempt was crude - just buy the seat rails and save yourself about 15 hours of work). Seats were between $25 and $50 from a junkyard. The passenger seat here is actually out of my Golf; I put a nicer seat from the junkyard into the Golf. I had to cut the padding on the right side of the driver's seat so the shifter will go into reverse when the seat is forward. The Golf seats can be fitted with a simple bit of cable to make them fold forward for back seat access. (photos later).

No carpet, and the floor has some surface rust. Rear floor is rusted through in spots. Note the nasty hole rusted behind the door. Don't buy a Bug with this rust.(click image for enlarged view)

I still have the dowdy stock wheels up front. (click image for enlarged view)
(click image for enlarged view)
Engine and Baja bumper. The last part of the fiberglass Baja body kit has not been installed yet. I added a couple of marker lights as a third brake light. On the left side above the endine is the intake and fan for the heater. The fan is out of a Bus. On top of the Weber carb is my crude home made adaptor and a stock late model air cleaner. The flex tube from the air cleaner draws heated air from around the right side cylinders. This makes a huge improvement in cold/wet weather running. Flex tubes to the heater heat exchangers are seed on either side of the engine. The rusty Baja exhaust is a very tight fit inside the Baja bumper (the tubular cage around the engine.) My local auto supply didn't have an oval crosssection muffler. License plate mount is from my stock engine cover, with simple L shaped aluminium adaptor. License light and tail lights are mounted to tabs welded onto the Baja bumper. You can see one additional tab left of center on the Baja bumper - I'll mount a back up light there. (click image for enlarged view)

An old grainy photo of me and the Bug right after bought it in 1998(?).

When painting (yes, I do watercolor and other fine art stuff) and auto mechanics collide, you get an art car. Keep an eye on this site as I show the materials and techniques used to transform this Beetle into the fabulous Zebra Bug. The first step is prototyping the project.

Recommended paint: R-M Limco 123, alkyd enamel, made by BASF. Silver paint is Cloud Silver Metallic and the magenta stripes are Orchid Metallic. Purchased at Colomasters, Inc. in Charlottesville, Va.. Photos coming soon.

Below are a couple of shots of the bug with stripes. The base color should be silver, but that's not easy, even in Photoshop. The stripes look at little fake, but give a good enough idea of how the car will look. The violet is a little too pink for me. I need to re-do that in more of a mauve color. The black zebra stripes are pretty nice. I really want to epoxy Barbie (tm) to the car somewhere. Hmmm...

A mockup done in Photoshop. The finished product pictured above is not too different.

Another mockup from Photoshop.

Attempt Number 1 at masking for zebra stripes. It worked ok as a test. I learned how to make masking tape curve. Note removal of trim. I filled each hole with a little dot of epoxy.

Check out these potential paint schemes. These are small test patterns I drew in Adobe Illustrator. These demo graphics would needs to be about 3 times larger to cover the whole car.

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