VW Beetle Repair
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Mail order parts suppliers.
If you have any trouble with these vendors, please email me. Email good experiences also!

Rocky Mountain Motorworks (800-258-1996) - Vast array of parts, nice web site, great catalogs, good service, very professional. Some parts prices are kind of high, but prices are good (or great) on most parts. Lifetime warranty on every product. No one else gives that kind of guarantee. I've ordered BMW and Beetle parts from them.

Vee Dub Parts Unlimited (714-848-8868) - The owner of this shop is a buddy of Jeff Kymla, founder of Kymco (see below). Check out their web site http://www.vwparts.net/ or email them at staff@vwparts.net

Kymco (888-321-3560) - Getting out of the general parts business, and concentrating on off road only. Call the toll free number or email them at orders@kymcovw.com

Latest Rage (619-445-7553) Prices look good. This is the place to buy VW seat rails. I have a set, and they look very solid. Price was only about $60 (half what others charge). More photos when I actually install them. Latest Rage manufactures most of what they sell, so if you can get it here, you'll probably get the best possible price.

Wayne Dittmann is an engine rebuilder in Virginia. I have one of his engines and I'm happy. The price was great. Wayne offers the option of cases machined by Rimco. I'd recommend this option. Contact Wayne at home (no later than 8pm) 540-752-5303.

Chucks Convertible Parts (949-673-5123) Rumored to be the best place for convertible tops and instructions. There is a URL, but the site was down when I checked http://www.chucksconvertibleparts.com/

V-Dub Restoration Parts (804-747-0198) I talked to the owner on the phone. She is very knowledgeable, and very friendly. This is a sister-company of Chuck's.

So. Cal. (562-633-4979) - Good selection, reasonably quick service, reasonable prices, no more hype than the others. My orders so far have been just fine. Rumors are that customer service can be bad. I think So. Cal. sold me a Cal-look windshield gasket that doesn't cover the headliner clips. The gasket is fine otherwise, but who wants their headliner clips to show?

Barney's Import Parts (800-833-3827) - Ads look good. These people carry a heater blower kit that got a good review in one of the magazines. I've installed a used Bus blower where their blower goes (under the rear seat) and it works well. I'm thinking of ordering their kit for a test. I haven't ordered anything from them yet.

Mid America (800-588-2844) - Lots of restoration parts, prices seem a bit high, snazzy catalog, claim to have great customer service. I've never ordered here.

I talked to Larry at Suspensions Unlimited. Very knowledgeable. I'll dig out that catalog and post the phone, etc. soon.

CB Performance. Spotty customer service, even after I ordered over $200 in parts. Don't expect them to answer email, and getting a techie on the phone is impossible. CB has some special parts that they have manufactured. Sales people are nice, and knowledgeable order takers.

I don't like Larry's Offroad. Service and advice was poor (to say the least), and their parts are just the same (or worse) as offered by the other mail order places. Larry's really gave me a bad deal when it came to the Weber carb (no instructions, no technical help, low quality parts.)



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