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Super Beetle Blower.

Once completed this works great. It was quite a bit of work, but much of the time I was figuring out how to make this work. I now have a blast of warm air at all my defroster vents. I got a used headlight switch for the fan. This switch has 2 positions, handles heavy current load, and neatly fits factory round holes in the dashboard. Very cool.

Parts list:
Super Beetle defroster fan and case (it's one unit)
Aluminized flex 2 inch tube
Aluminium tape
Weatherstrip, self adhesive 1/2 width
Tub and tile caulk
Large wire ties
Sheet metal, maybe flux for brazing
WD40 (to lube the fan)
Wire and crimp connectors
Hose clamps


You can convert this to suck heated air from the heater channels, but it takes some modifications inside the blower.

Remove and close off the rubber flaps. I used aluminium tape. If you don't do this, air just recirculates inside the blower case.

Fix the weather stripping around the ends of the internal blower housing. Again, if you don't do this, air just recirculates inside the blower housing.

Remove the control flaps.

Close off the fresh air inlet.

Add new inlets for the heated air.

You also have to modify the air hoses that normally come from the front end of the heater channels, and split to go to the defroster vents. I completely replaced that air hose with new 2 inch flex aluminized air supply hose that is usually used to go from the fan shroud to the heater boxes. More details to follow.

I'll create a diagram, and add some photos later. Drop me a note if you need more details.


February 8, 2000

Recent jobs (photos and write up soon):

  • See the new pages with improved animations for Interior/Door Panels (New! above.) I think these animations are very cool.

  • Brake master cylinder install, and brake system bleeding. Bleeding the right front wheel slave cylinder has turned into a major problem. More sa the epic develops.

  • I have got a new oil temperature gauge. Not yet installed.
  • I've also purchased new Danish built heat exchangers from Kymco. I'll soon install, photograph, and report on heating improvements.
  • Vapor barriers in VW Golf doors using Tyvek (tm) HomeWrap and Construction tape. Very Cool. Photos soon.

  • 2 fuel pumps in the Bug. The first replacement pump was bad.
  • Super Beetle defroster fan converted for Heat and Defroster. See New Above!

  • Recommended paint: R-M Limco 123, alkyd enamel, made by BASF. Silver paint is Cloud Silver Metallic and the magenta stripes are Orchid Metallic. Purchased at Colomasters, Inc. in Charlottesville, Va.. Photos coming soon.

  • Weber carburetor tuning, this makes a huge difference, details soon.

  • GTI seat upholstery swap - large wire ties replace bull rings!
  • rear view mirror with night/flip. $5 used, snaps right in, really nice.
  • ignition switch hint: if it has been getting worse, and one day won't start, try pushing the key in all the way while turning.
  • fit a Golf GTI seat on driver's side. This is very cool, but only works on 1972/73 or later models (I think).
  • front drum brakes
  • added a lot of sound deadening to the back seat area
  • fuel filler hose replaced, and fuel tank pin holes epoxied
  • re-cover a sun visor
  • lubricate window regulator (raise/lower) and replace vapor barrier See New Above! Photos!

      Got a bug question? Searched the internet, and still no answer? Drop me a note and at the very least we can commiserate. Special tools and required parts listed in each section.

Stuff I want to do to the site:
- image map listing repairs for which I've got info
- clean up heirarchy
- add graphical repair browser
- add photos of tools
- fix the animations of the inside of the Bug door.






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