VW Beetle Repair
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The air cleaner that came with the Weber carb kit is kinda small. I figure that it's not very efficient, and it may restrict air intake. On top of that, I've noticed that when it rains, water collects in the bottom of the air cleaner!

In contrast, the stock late model air filter seems to have a large surface area, and since that style air filter was still used as late as 1989 (there's one like it in my Golf), VW must think it's a good design. So, I wanted to make an air cleaner that uses the stock late model filter and fits on the Weber. After a false start this has turned out to be easy. I just made a new lower section, and used the stock top half of the air cleaner. Photos coming.

Parts: long hose clamp-type clamps, sheet metal (22 gauge is easier to work with, 20 ga. is fine), brazing rod (I'm using oxy-propane).

Tools: sheet metal cutting snips, nibblers, saws-all, wood working tools to make wood forms, drill, grinder, gas welding torch.

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