Air Cool VW (Beetle)

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Baja Bugs & Buggies by Jeff Hibbard, edited by Ron Sessions

ISBN 0-89586-186-0

Jeff has a successful racing career, and he shares the what-works that he's learned. This isn't very detailed in some sections, but contain a ton of useful info. Also kind of dated, but what the heck. After all, I'm driving a 30 year old car. Highly recommended if you are building a Baja. This is the classic book about the racing Baja.

Chapters cover: Engine preparation, Transaxle and clutch, Front suspension, Rear suspension, Frames, roll cages, and skid plates, Brakes, Off road lights, Electrical mods, Wheels and tires, Fuel tanks, Steps in building a Baja Bug (body work), Safety tips, Driving tips, Common field repairs, Appendix, Index.

Mixed in with photos of racing action are black and white photos of parts. Jeff shows many individual parts and entire assemblies such as front and rear suspensions, engine, etc. There are 3 or 4 photos on almost every page. There are a few diagrams and cutaway illustrations. While Jeff covers an amazing number of modifications, he does not detail engine or transmission rebuilds.

Air Cool VW (Beetle) Weber Carburetors