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Question: Just sold my last sandrail and am wanting to get into a Baja that is built, pretty and ready to party. Any suggestions?

Answer: I don't know of any Baja's up here in Virginia. Get something rust free, and not too radical. The more radical machines probably won't hold up as well off road.

I like later model Bugs with the IRS. I do not like the Weber DFEV for the Beetle, and I'm pretty sure that single, center mounted carbs won't perform well as a daily driver in cooler climates. For that, dual carbs are probably better.

I have my DFEV running well, but it requires heating the intake air, and it still has a tiny hesitation. As I write this (October 2001) I'm about to buy a nice dual carb setup. I'll almost certainly get dual single barrel carbs (Solex - Kadrons, or Webers).

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