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Question: I want to lower my Bug. Can you tell me how to do this? What problems should I watch out for?

Answer: This is a very common question, but I'm an off-road kind of guy, so I don't have much info. The VW magazines (Hot VWs, and VW Trends) often have articles related to lowering.

I know a couple of things from those articles.

When you lower the Bug, you won't be able to use fat tires. Especially in the front, tire clearance is a big problem. If you don't lower the Bug and get the correct tires, when you turn the wheel, the front tires hit, and it makes the front end go down and jerks side ways. I read a story about a guy in California who made this mistake, and nearly crashed on the freeway!

Lowering the back creates problems with the rear camber. The more you lower, the worse the problem.

I have seen some way cool looking hydraulic systems. These have pumps and special shocks that allow you to change the ride height at any time.

Look for books written by Keith Seume. He has written many books about custom VW bugs.

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