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Question: I have a 74 bug and am having problems with it slinging oil. I have been told that the problem could be the PCV?

I have to constantly put oil in this thing. What to do?

Answer: PCV valve is not likely on a Bug. Where is the oil come from?

Most likely causes:

- Loose oil cooler, or bad oil cooler gaskets. This can put oil mostly over the left half of the engine.

- Engine case halves are loose. This often covers the entire top of the engine with oil.

- The engine is old and tired, and your crankase breather is loose and is spewing oily air all over.

Sadly, fixing this stuff requires removing the engine. The good news is that if everything else is fine, you won't need a new/rebuilt engine yet. Get a couple of opinions from good mechanics, especially people who have experience with aircooled VWs.

You can try to wipe all the oil off, then drive and see where it shows up.

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