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My Repair List


I've ordered quite a bit from La Jolla Independent Service, Inc and had good service and good advice. These people are very knowledgeable, and helpful!
fax 1-858-488-0972

Repairs already completed:

  • swap aftermarket racing steering wheel
  • replace flasher switch
  • replace turn/high beam switch
  • replace wiper mechanism, lubricate wiper motor
  • tighten set screw on driver side mirror
  • replace driver side door vapor barrier
  • free up seat release
  • replace front inertial reel seat belts
  • replace driver side emergency brake cable
  • had a used transmission installed
  • adjusted the timing and carb idle mixture
  • re-glued part of the trunk gasket
  • did a little rust stopping under the spare tire, and sealed some holes there with epoxy