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The ignition timing on my 1975 2002 is very sensitive. I successfully set mine dynamically. This made a huge difference in the car. Prior to getting the timing right, the car had a nasty mis-fire, and was very unpleasant to drive. The timing mark was so hard to find that I just gave up, and used this seat-of-the-pants method.

  1. Warm up the car.
  2. Loosen the distributor clamp so that the distributor can be turned by hand, but has a little friction.
  3. While running the car just off idle, slowly turn the distributor until the engine is at it's smoothest. Tighten the distributor clamp. The clamp seems to need less than 5 foot pounds of torque.
  4. Set the carburetor mixture. There is an FAQ for Weber 2 barrel progressive carbs (DFAV, DGAV, DFT, etc.)

I'd like to come up with a more scientific method, but setting the timing by the above method transformed how my 2002 runs.