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FAQ 62

Question: How good is the HVLP spray gun you recommend? Does it have much overspray?

Answer: Even with true HVLP you'll have overspray. The usual figures for a nice HVLP is 80 to 90 percent of paint sticks to the car. That means 10 to 20 percent overspray.

The cheap Harbor Freight gun is pretty nice. I suspect what they now sell as an HVLP for closer to $60 is a little better. Gravity feed is way better than siphon feed (in my experience).

Key factor is: adjust paint flow to almost minimum. Paint gun instructions don't mention this, and I'm not sure it is really possible with a siphon feed gun. With low paint flow, you can use a little less air and lower air pressure and you'll get better control and less overspray.

I think you'd still have to hang plastic in the garage. And you always have to use adequate ventillation so you don't kill yourself with fumes.

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