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Question: I have a NEW weber progressive installed on a 1.7 type IV, in a 914. Had a hard time getting the car to idle, got that nailed now I have a huge flat spot just off idle. Runs great after you get through that.

Any ideas on where to look/change?

Answer: I had a similar problem. I think the causes were:

1) Carb not adjusted by the correct procedure. See:


2) Timing advanced too much.

3) Intake manifold too cold.

Draw heated air from around the cylinders, make sure your thermostat flaps are working, make sure your exhaust risers are working. I'm pretty sure the the exhaust risers are mostly useless on aftermarket merged exhaust systems.

The cold intake is a serious problem with the VW design. I'm about to change over to dual carbs (probably the single barrel Kadrons, Solex's, or Webers). In Winter, or wet, cool weather the problem is worse.

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