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Question: I desperately need some help in how to repair a broken clutch tube on a 66 bug sedan.

I understand that their is three spots in the interior that must be cut open to find and repair the tube where it is broken. I just don't know where to cut it open and need the procedures to do the job properly.

When i push the clutch in it does not disengage, and you can hear something moving aroung in the shift linkage well.

Answer: Clutch tubes don't break often. Clutch cables break, and the clutch forks also break.

First jack up the rear of the car, put it on jack stands, and remove the driver side tire.

Get a helper to push the clutch. Is the cable moving, and does the arm sticking out the side the clutch housing move?

If the cable doesn't move, it's broken. If it moves and the clutch doesn't disengage, the problem is probably a broken fork on the shaft that pushes on the clutch.

If the cable moves and the tube moves too, then the tube is broken.

Adjust the clutch by turning the nut on the end of the cable. There should be 1/2 to 3/4 inch free play. Your clutch cable may have a wing nut, or a nut with a smaller lock nut.

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