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Question: I'm installing 3 new gauges in my bug, temp sender, oil pressure, ammeter. I have no idea what wires to connect where because of how different a bug is than any normal car. do you think you could just give me a rough wire connection process? thanks.

Answer: The Bug isn't so different. The oil pressure tap is on the side of the case, just below the distributor. There is a stock pressure sensor switch there. You need a sender compatible with your oil pressure gauge.

Oil temp is a problem. I've put a sender in the oil drain plate, and it doesn't measure the real oil temperature (I guess because flow near the plate is low). VDO makes a dipstick sender, but that is $40 alone. I'm going to strap a oil temp sender to the side of my oil filter (I have a filter oil pump on my engine).

The ammeter has to be wired to read the current flow to/from the battery. This means that you have to run a duplicate 4 or 6 gauge wire (very fat) from under the rear seat, up to the gauge and back. Be very careful how you mount the gauge. Any short to the back of the gauge can cause a fire very quickly. This is true of any normal ammeter setup.

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