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Question: I get my license in 4 days! I need help custom: message: Ok my bug is running great and everything is working and ready for me to drive. But of course no defrosting! I dont have much time left, and i want to be able to drive it. Is there anything quick that i can do for the mean time? While I think of something for the long run.

I was thinking about installing a cigarette lighter, that
way i could buy one of those mini heater defroster things. Would that help? Or not even help at all? I would really appreciate your help....

Thanks Chris

Answer: Chris,
The cigarette lighter thing probably won't do much.

If the heat exchangers are in good condition, and all the tubing that carries air is working, then you'll have "some" defrosting. After that you add fans. There are kits.

I have seen no complete heating system diagram for the Bug, and I've never had time to make one. Dang.

The air starts from the fan shroud, blows through the heat exchangers. There are flaps that open the heat exchangers. The "Heat" control inside the Bug controls those flaps. If the control is frobbed, you could just wire the flaps in the "heat" position.

After that a fat plastic pipe carries the air to the rear end of the heater channels under the rear seat. At the front of the heater channel there is a flex pipe in the A post of the door which comes out up in the luggage compartment. That flex hose attaches to the defroster vents.

All the hoses have to be in place and not leaking. It can help to block off the heat vents next to your feet so all the air goes to the defroster.

Parts are available. Check out the mail order places especially Foreign Aide:

I hope this helps.

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