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Question: How good is the single, center mounted Weber IDF carburetor? Has anyone has experience with this setup? What about cold weather? I'm worried because we have Winter where I live, and the IDF doesn't really have a choke.

Answer: I am now recommending the Weber IDF. I don't like the DFEV on the Bug (although it is a fine carb.)

Marvin from Albuquerque very kindly sent several emails and photos of his new Weber IDF setup. So far he loves it.

Marvin says, "My son and I took a break for a while on our project because I had work during week ends that was consuming our Baja Bug time. But over the Christmas break, we installed a Weber 40 IDF and the 009 distributor with electronic ignition (good bye points). We still have a stock 1600 engine, but the carb/distributor combo made for a much smoother running engine. We were impressed."

As for cold weather performance, Marvin says, "In temperatures in the low twenties, it takes about 4 attempts about 5 seconds each of starting the engine, or less than 30 seconds to get it started. I let it run and keep the gas on for another 30 seconds (I guess I am not very patient) and then go on my way. It takes about 2 miles before it is running nice and smooth at the low end of the power band."

The DFEV (Weber progressive) has a choke and starts right away, and idles fine. However, unless you have extra manifold heating, the car will often run poorly after the choke opens - usually about 5 minutes. So the two carburetors are kind of opposite for cold weather. The IDF is harder to start, but seems run better once the engine warms up.

I asked about the throttle linkage. Marvin opted for the higher quality linkage and likes it.

Here are some photos:

Marvin's Baja Site:

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