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Question: What lubricant should I use on the windshield gasket when installing a new windshield?

Answer: Hi Tom,

I was reading your tips on installing a volkswagen windshield. Using a soapy sloution or glass cleaner is good to lube the gasket and area before installing.

However, silicon spray is not good. It always stays slick, if the person driving is ever in accident the windshield will come flying out and can cause alot of injury to occupants or or anyone in the area. Also if it leaks, it can never be sealed, nothing sticks to it. I am general manager for a large autoglass company and have installed for years. This just comes from experience and not wanting anyone to get hurt. Thanks for reading my email.



Thanks for the note, Randy! I didn't realize that silicon never sets up, but it makes sense. I've used soapy water on other rubber to metal installations. Works great.

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