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FAQ 06

Question: Where else can I buy parts in South Africa?

Answer: Winston kindly replies: "I purchase My Spares At Berg Spares In Parow Cape Town South Africa Phone +27 021 930 45 81.

And Just Beetles Brackenfell South Africa Phone +27 021 981 4113. Just Beetle does restoration to Beetles and Build ups These guys are expensive but will have any part. They also make many parts them selves, they are always a good option.

There are many Places in Johannesburg I will try to get their names and phone numbers for you."

Incidently, when I asked about the Afrikaans name of South Africa, Winston replied: "The Afrikaans name for South Africa is Suid Afrika. To pronounce it you must pronounce the S like a Z and the ui like an A. The Afrikaans language is very similar to the Germanic group."

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