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Question: On a 1969 type 1 (Bug) Solex carb, I cant get it to idle. I soaked carb 2 times in carb cleaner and blew it out with compressor. How do I know that the idle circit is open from main jet area?

Answer: The person I wrote this review for emailed me back later: the electronic idle solenoid was clogged at the tip.

Thanks Dave!

If you can get air through the passage ways, then gas will flow there too.

What about the idle solenoid? This is that electronic cylinder screwed into the left hand side of the carb. This must have 12 V on it to open and allow fuel into the idle jet. When the ignition is off, this valve closes. This keep the car from having "run on" or "dieseling".

You might also have a big vacuum leak. Did you replace the rubber boots at the ends of the intake manifold center section?

Also check out John Muir's book "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive". He details carb problems, and how to adjust the Solex. My review is online at:

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