Removing the old wall

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This is the wall that was behind the refrigerator. It is the wall that is going to come out. Weird how they put a different color tile behind the fridge and the stove. I suppose it was cheaper and they figured no one would ever see it.
I am standing looking at "the wall" from the hallway. Yeah, that one there, to the left, will be gone.
It's the beginning of the end of this wall. We pulled out sections of the wall, to keep the dust down and keep the wall chunks manageable.
This photo shows the 2x4 bracing we put into place. It's not quite braced up in this photo. The 2x4 leaning against the wall is destined to be wedged underneath the one along the ceiling. This will keep the ceiling from falling down when we take the wall down. This is a weight bearing wall, so we have to put in a beam.
Here, Tom is putting in one of the vertical braces to hold the temporary header in place. This photo is from the dining room side of the project.
We have covered the wall and the existing doorway into the kitchen in an attempt to keep too much dust from making its way into the rest of the house.
In this photo, you can see the stove and the fridge and an old cabinet that have been moved into the dining room. We were able to use our appliances in here as a make-shift kitchen.
Tom used his trusty reciprocating saw to cut out chunks of wall - which in this house we plaster on wall board.
From the kitchen side, you can see the rough edges of the plaster at the top of the wall and the studs between the dining room and kitchen.
This photo is looking towards the doorway that used to be the kitchen door.
We used a metal jack to hold up the beam temporarily.