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This a view looking into the kitchen from the old doorway. The tall cabinet is our pantry. There are no doors or countertops at this point.
This photo is from the same view point as the previous photo. Tom is to the side, contemplating the next step.
This photo is from the "old doorway" view point. In this photo, you can see there are no other cabinets installed besides the ones on the right side. The cabinets on the right of this photo were installed on the new wall that we added. That wall used to be about 4 feet further back and it was the wall with the sink. We bumped the wall out further into the room to allow more room on the other side to eventually accommodate a walk-in shower in the bathroom already on the other side of that wall.
In this photo, the stove is about in the right place. The sink is sitting to the right, just resting on another cabinet base.
This photo is back a bit from where the others were taken. This is from the doorway into the living room. You can see the stove placement and the beam we had to install. The beam replaces the weight bearing wall that we removed to make the kitchen and dining area open and larger.
This view is from the corner of the new dining area. The upper cabinet has not been installed yet in this photo. The fridge is in the place where we have since put an upright freezer. The door is to the old back porch and will be used to access the addition we are planning to add to the back of he house on top of the new garage.
This photo was taken from the spot in the kitchen where the sink will be placed. You can see into the living room from here. The dishwasher is sitting beside one of the cabinet units.
This photo was taken from the hallway in front of the bathroom and basement door. In this photo you can see the window where the sink will be placed.
Another view from the living room. The bookshelves were built by Tom out of cherry plywood - nice stuff. The sink is resting on an old cabinet base.
This photo is from the area where the fridge is located. The double set of windows are where the bar/counter top will be located. We used the baker's rack when for our makeshift kitchen when we had the stove over in that area.
Wow. Our cabinet bases are so pretty. Poplar veneered with maple and cherry trim. The cabinet knobs are cherry and the doors will have little cherry accents. There will also be trim on the top and the bottoms of the upper cabinets made of cherry.
More of our cabinet bases. No doors yet.
This view is looking towards the cabinet base that will hold the eating surface and countertop. The stove is to be placed between the sink in the foreground and the cabinet in the center of the photo.
This is a photo of the upper cabinet that is the right of the stove.
This is the upper cabinet unit on the old sink wall. The fridge is to the left of this unit.
This is the lower unit on the old sink wall. You can also see the rosewood floor that Tom and I installed in about 8 hours. It is tongue and groove, pre-finished hardwood. We bought it at Home Depot, rented a nailer and finished it all in one day.
This was photo taken from the hallway coming into the kitchen from the bathroom and bedroom area. You can see the much desired built in trash can holder and the drawers under the sink without their faces. The stove will be to the left of this unit.
This photo is looking from the kitchen area to the future dining area. We temporarily used the stove here.
This is our cabinet that holds the sink. The sink is an old porcelain model. It has drainboards on each side of the basin. We got it for free when my boss remodeled her kitchen. We had the cabinet builder make the base to fit. You can see Tom's plumbing job here. He knows how to do everything.
This a view from the living room. All the cabinet bases are in place. The unit to the right is an old cabinet base that we used to hold the sink until it could be installed in it's true home.