Kitchen Remodeling: Hall Plaster Removal

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Happy New Year to us!!! We started our kitchen renovation on January 2, 2004. Our objective was to create a larger and more open space in a kitchen that has been essentially the same size since 1948. As you can imagine, the space was "adequate". Since we like to entertain and my children's friends sometimes "invade" a larger space was needed to help me keep my sanity. The other side of the "renovation coin" is that Tom wants a shower that is big and roomy and that will accommodate several shower heads. The bathroom in this "vintage cottage" was equally as adequate as the kitchen. It will grow in the area of the shower stall and rearranging the fixtures will be liberating. This photo is the beginning of wall demolition. How satisfying, here comes the chimney!!!

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This is the small hallway that runs between the kitchen and the hall. The basements stairs are to the right in this photo. The walls are a type of sheet rock covered in plaster - hard stuff - but it did come off in sheets like drywall. Tom used a large crowbar and pried on a likely spot and pulled or leveraged the pieces off.
This photo is more of the same short hallway. You can see the exposed brick chimney and the back side of the bathroom wall.
As you can see, the previous owners had framed in around the chimney to put up the walls.
Here is more of the chimney looking into the kitchen and the "wrong" side of the bathroom wall.
Plaster dust and rubble in the short hallway looking toward the kitchen.
Nearly to the top in the short hall.
Here Tom is using the Shop Vac and cleaning some plaster dust and small bits.
This shot is looking into the kitchen from the dining room, while Tom does more cleaning. He knows how to make a mess and how to clean it up!!!
This shot is looking into the kitchen from the dining room. You can see the dishwasher in the background.
Once again from the dining room. You can see the dishwasher right behind Tom and the sink cabinet to the right, just past the destroyed wall.
Here is the exposed chimney from the kitchen looking towards the wall where the sink is.
Ahhh! Satisfaction!!! This piece came off pretty easy since it was attached to a stud. The sink is to the left in this photo.
This photo is more of the debris from the wall where the sink lives. The cabinet to the left is the sink cabinet.
Tom carries a long piece of debris through the kitchen door into the dining room on the way out to the front door.
More debris in front of the sink.
What a good boy - he's cleaning up his mess.