Removing the old floor

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This photo is taken from the area of the chimney and sink looking toward the wall that had the stove and the fridge.
Looking from the chimney and sink area across the kitchen.
This is the wall after the removal of the cabinet boxes that were above the stove and the sink.
More of the stove and fridge area. We found that the stove was getting messy, so we covered it. We still have to use it for a while.
Looks like Tom is pulling out the small cabinet unit that was between the stove and the fridge.
It's the fridge wall again, you can see the doorway to the dining room to the left.
Tom is using his crowbar to pry up on the floor. There are several layers under there and we decided to take them all up at the same time.
The vinyl is on squares of linoleum that is on plywood. We wanted to minimize any chance of being exposed to asbestos, so we took it all off in big sheets, rather than tear the small squares underneath.
This part was pretty easy - but noisy since we were pulling the floor up with the nails.
We moved the appliances around to get to the floor.
The sheets of plywood were pretty much laid out in the 4x8 sheets.
This is a photo of the area where the stove used to be.
This photo is from the dishwasher area looking toward the dining room. Tom had to cut the vinyl, then pry up the plywood.
Ingenuity at work. Leverage with one 2x4 on another worked really well to pry the plywood up.
Tom is beside the stove that is in the middle of the floor, cutting through the vinyl.
The stove is to the left and Tom is taking a breather.
That is the back of the fridge, in the middle of the floor. Tom is cutting the vinyl again.
This is the corner where the fridge was.
Whew!!! That was a big piece.
The floor under the plywood is pine with tar paper stuck to it.